Meet Our Team

  • Abel M. Lera, DVM

    Born and raised of Cuban descent in Miami, FL, with a constant love for animals, Dr. Lera obtained his Bachelor Degree from the University of Florida and became a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Mississippi State University in 2008. Dr. Lera has been in private practice since he assumed full responsibility of Heron Lakes Animal Hospital in 2013. Dr. Lera and his wife, Stephanie, have two 'Cavapoos' named Ginger and Ruby who they love very much. He is always motivated through constant self improvement and positive psychology. In his free time he enjoys outdoor activities and traveling with his wife and twins, Ben & Olivia.

  • Esmeralda
    Veterinary Technician Manager

    Esmeralda (better known as Essy) is originally from Los Angeles, California before moving to Florida in 2000. She has worked in the veterinary field since 2001 and we are grateful that she embarked on a new journey with us in 2015. She has two dogs, Munchkin and Dancer, and two cats, Blade and Trixie.

  • Egidio
    Veterinary Technician Manager

    Egidio (better known as 'E') was born in Venezuela before moving to Wyoming. He joined our team as a technician's assistant in September of 2014. Egidio learned his love for animals at a young age and worked very hard and fast to join our Management team in June of 2016. His passion for animals and professionalism has made him a valuable team member.

  • Valeria
    Veterinary Technician Assistant

    Valeria was born and raised in Coral Springs, albeit from Colombian descent. She joined our team as a volunteer in the summer of 2015, working her way up to a technician assistant. She has a Yorkie named Max. She loves to play beach volleyball in her free time and continues her education to become a successful veterinarian.

  • Bert
    Veterinary Technician Assistant/Kennel Assistant

    Bert has been working with Sandy, our groomer, since 2014. Then, in 2017, she joined our staff at Heron Lakes Animal Hospital. She is originally from New Jersey and moved to Florida in 2013. She has two dogs, Jersey & Hennessy, and a cat named Willow. 

  • Lisa
    Client Care Specialist

    Originally from Massachusetts, Lisa joined our team in March of 2018. She has a beautiful 7 year old Lab mix named Kody. She enjoys taking care of her granddaughter in her spare time.


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