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Keeping Cats Cool

June 1, 2020

Florida isn’t known for mild summers. That heat can be rough on our feline pals! Cats are not only wearing fur coats, they also can’t cool themselves off easily. They can only sweat through their ‘toe beans,’ and panting isn’t as effective for them as it is for dogs. Therefore, it’s important to keep an eye on your kitty, and make sure she isn’t getting too hot. A local Parkland, FL vet offers some tips on this below. 


First and foremost, make sure that Fluffy always has fresh water. Some kitties prefer to drink running water. You may want to try getting your furry pal a fountain, and see if she likes it. We recommend keeping cats in, but if you let your pet go outdoors, make sure she always has water outside as well. 


Brushing Fluffy will keep her cooler, as her coat will insulate her better without dead fur and dander. It’s also a great chance to make your kitty feel pampered! 

Cold Treats

Who doesn’t enjoy a cold treat on a sweltering summer day? You can find kitty ice cream in many pet stores. Or, offer Fluffy a bowl of chilled sodium-free broth. You can also make something homemade. Try combining tuna with plain yogurt and parsley, and freezing the mixture in small portions. Or, combine wet food with ice cubes in a blender. 


Hammocks stay cooler than regular beds, because they allow air to move beneath them. Make Fluffy her own kitty hammock by attaching a piece of material to the legs of a table or coffee table. Instant happy cat!


Try pointing a fan at or above your furry friend’s bed. Just make sure she can’t knock it over! 

Ice Cube

When it gets really hot out, give Fluffy an ice cube or two. You can drop them into her water, or just let her lick them. Some cats may decide to play ‘hockey’ instead. That’s fine, too! Because kitties use their paws to regulate temperature, this will actually help keep your furry friend cool. (Plus, it’s cute to watch.) 

Climate Control

Your feline buddy will be both safer and more comfortable staying indoors, in rooms cooled by fans or air conditioners. Keep Fluffy safe and sound inside! 

Please contact us, your Parkland, FL vet clinic, for all of your kitty’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help. 

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