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If Pets Had Thumbs Day

You may have noticed that, over here at Heron Lakes Animal Hospital, we enjoy commemorating all of the pet-related holidays on the calendar. March boasts one of the cutest and silliest ones, with If Pets Had Thumbs Day. As you…

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Playing With Your Feline Friend

Our feline friends are very lovable and entertaining pets. Fluffy may be small, but she has a huge purrsonality, and has a particular way of winning hearts with her cute quirks, charming facial expressions, and, of course, her playful antics….

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Getting Your Pet Fixed

Love is often the unofficial theme of February. Stores are filling with romantic trappings, such as flowers and candy, as Valentine’s Day approaches. When it comes to pets, however, the focus is the opposite: It’s Prevent A Litter Month, Spay/Neuter…

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A Year of Joy: Pet-Centric Resolutions

Welcome the New Year by dedicating resolutions to prioritize your pet’s happiness and contentment. Collaborate with your Coral Springs, FL local veterinarian to delve into meaningful adjustments for your pet care routine. Pledge to enrich your furry friend’s life with…

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