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Meow Like a Pirate Day

September 15, 2020

There’s a pretty cute holiday coming up. September 19th is Meow Like A Pirate Day! We certainly have some very chatty kitties among our patients. And, given that this is Florida, it’s probably safe to say that many of them have some pirate trappings in their homes. Read on as a local Parkland, FL vet discusses Meow Like A Pirate Day.

C  ats Who Swim

Most of our feline patients absolutely hate the water. There are a few possible reasons for this. Cat fur, when wet, gives off a distinct smell that can attract predators. Kitties can also easily be overpowered in water, and swept away by strong currents. Fluffy may also realize that she looks a bit silly when she’s sopping wet. That aside, some breeds apparently never got that purrticular memo. The Bengal, Turkish Angora, and Abyssinian are a few furballs that don’t seem to mind water. Some larger cats, like tigers, also like going for a dip. Of course, our furry pals may be a bit more enthusiastic about walking planks. Many kitties do enjoy strolling on fences, branches, and catwalks.


While there aren’t a lot of records on pirates’ pets, it’s probably safe to assume that some pirate ships did have felines on board. Kitties, as you may know, were very helpful in controlling rats and mice onboard ships. Black cats were also felt to be lucky to some sailors. As to how well Fluffy got along with the captain’s parrot? Well, Davy Jones may have taken that knowledge to his locker. 


How do you honor Fluffy’s seafaring buddies? Well, a seafood feast would be a great start. Treat your furry shipmate to some cooked, plain, boneless fish. Kitties can also have crabmeat, lobster, or even scallops. Another option is to have a cute photo shoot with your pet. Use effects or backdrops to stage the perfect photo opp for your furry friend. Snap her picture with a Jolly Roger flag, or even some Gasparilla beads. If you have kids, have them draw or paint their feline pal as a pirate. They can also make a cardboard pirate ship. At the end of the day, settle in with your little ‘purrate’ and enjoy a good pirate movie.

Please contact us, your Parkland, FL veterinary clinic, for all of your furry matey’s veterinary care needs. We arrrrr always here to help!

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