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Tips for Brushing Fido’s Teeth

November 1, 2020

 How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth | Tutorial

Did you know that brushing your dog’s teeth is one of the best things you can do to keep his mouth healthy? Of course, if you tell Fido this, you’ll probably just get an adorable head tilt, and maybe a little bark or whine. It’s probably going to take your pooch a bit of training to get used to the idea. A Coral Springs, FL vet offers some tips on this below.


A run to the pet store is definitely in order. You’ll need to get some things that were specifically made for dogs’ teeth. Our toothbrushes aren’t angled right for Fido, and our toothpastes include products that may not be safe for him. When picking you furry buddy’s toothpaste, choose a yummy flavored one. This will definitely help your pooch form a more ‘pawsitive’ impression about getting his choppers cleaned.

Getting Started

This is not a situation where you want to go full-steam ahead right away. Start by letting your furry friend get accustomed to having his teeth handled. At first, just start gently rubbing his teeth and gums as you’re petting him. When your four-legged pal gets used to that, you can start to incorporate pet toothpaste and a doggy toothbrush.


When it comes to training dogs, patience and repetition are key. However, your secret weapon may very well be a simple doggy biscuit. Food is a wonderful way to reward Fido for behaving! It also helps him form good associations with the desired behavior. Just don’t overfeed your pup. Incorporating praise and ear scritches will also help drive the point home.


You don’t have to brush all of Fido’s teeth every day. Just do one segment at a time, and keep rotating. Your canine pal will still benefit. Once your pooch is trained, this will only take a minute or two each day. You don’t have to reward him every time, but you shouldn’t stop entirely.


Brushing your cute pet’s teeth is very beneficial. However, some of our canine companions just won’t tolerate having their choppers touched. If Fido isn’t having it, you can still help keep his mouth healthy by giving him dental-formula treats, kibble, or chews. Ask your vet for advice.

Please contact us, your local Coral Springs, FL vet, with any questions or concerns about caring for your canine buddy. We are here to help!

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