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Helping Your Cat Beat the Heat

April 1, 2021

Summer is on the way! For us Floridians, summer really never ends: it just gets more and less intense throughout the year. Those scorching days can be pretty rough on our feline pals. Fluffy does have a fur coat on, and she can’t really cool herself off if she overheats. Read on as a local Coral Springs, FL vet offers some advice on helping your kitty stay cool.


Dead fur is hot and itchy. It also interferes with the insulating capabilities of Fluffy’s coat. Try to brush your feline friend every day.

Hammock Bed

Have you ever wondered why hammocks are so popular on desert islands? Because air passes beneath them, they stay cooler than regular beds. You can buy Fluffy a little hammock bed, but you can also make her one. Just attach a piece of fabric to the legs of a table or end table. Voila! Instant purr.


Making sure that Fluffy always has fresh water is really the best thing you can do to keep her cool. You may want to set out multiple water stations, especially if your home has more than one level and/or if you have multiple pets. *Tip: try dropping a few ice cubes into your kitty’s bowl.)

Cold Treats

Did you know that some cats really like cold treats? You can buy frozen snacks, such as kitty ice cream, for your feline buddy. Or, just try keeping her food in the fridge. You can also make your pet some cold snacks. Combine canned kitty food with water or sodium-free broth in a blender, and pour it into mini ice cube trays and freeze.


This one isn’t an across-the-board option, as some cats get a little spooked by the noise and wind flow fans cause. However, if Fluffy doesn’t mind, position her bed near a fan or vice versa. Just make sure that it can’t fall over onto your kitty!

Keep Kitty In

First and foremost, we recommend keeping your furry friend safe and sound indoors, in rooms cooled by fans or air conditioners. This will not only protect Fluffy from the worst of the heat, it will also keep her safe from other hazards, such as storms, alligators, stray dogs and cats, traffic, and chemicals.

Do you have questions about cat care? Contact us, your local Coral Springs, FL veterinary clinic, today!

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