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Taking Fido To The Beach

May 1, 2022

Florida’s beautiful beaches are ready and waiting! Many of our canine companions enjoy our beautiful coastline as much as we do. Just be sure to put your pup’s safety first! A Coral Springs, FL vet discusses taking Fido to the beach below.

Pack A Doggy Bag

You may want to get Fido his own beach bag. You’ll want to add towels, a pet first-aid kit, sunscreen, an umbrella, waste baggies, dishes, and water. You may also want to bring a tie-line with a beach-rated anchor.

Time It Right

We still have a little ways to go before the really hot weather hits, but it’s already quite warm. Take Fido to the beach in the mornings or afternoons, when it’s a bit cooler out. 

Start Slow

If Fido has never been to the beach before, he may be confused and a little overwhelmed at first. Don’t force him to explore the water’s edge before he’s ready. Let your canine pal get a feel for this new environment first. Give him treats and praise for behaving well to help him stay calm. 

Make A List

Not all beaches allow dogs. Print out a list of the ones in our local area that welcome Fido, and stick to those. 

Paws For Thought

The beach can do quite a number on Fido’s furry feet. Sharp rocks and shells, litter, hot sand and tar can all cause painful cuts or burns on your pup’s paw pads. Given that dogs’ feet are extra delicate when they’re wet, you’ll need to take extra care after he’s been swimming. Use paw balm or wax, and check your canine buddy’s feet periodically.

Have Fun

Not all of our fare cut out for the salt life. Some dogs would rather stay home in their doggy beds. That’s perfectly fine!

Pick Up After The Pooch

Always pick up after Fido. Keep extra waste baggies in your car.

Swim Lessons

Some dogs are natural swimmers, but that isn’t always the case. If Fido doesn’t know how to swim, take time to teach him. Support him in shallow water as he is learning, and encourage him with treats and praise. 


Last but certainly not least, keep a close eye on Fido. Never leave him unattended near the water! 

As your Coral Springs, FL animal clinic, we’re committed to offering top-notch veterinary care. Call us anytime! 

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