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6 Super Simple Things That Make Your Cat Happy

September 1, 2023

September is Happy Cat Month! Of course, we think kitties should be happy all the time, and we do everything we can to keep our furry friends healthy and content. Fortunately for us, it isn’t too difficult to please our feline overlords. In this article, a Coral Springs, FL vet lists some easy ways to get that motor going.


Fluffy may be small and cute, but behind that adorable furry visage is the heart of a lioness. It’s important for your cat to be able to unleash her inner serial killer now and then! Provide lots of playthings for your pint-sized panther. Remember to regularly pick up new ones and rescue lost ones from under the couch.


Cats may be finicky, but they all have at least one favorite snack. Offer Fluffy a safe, healthy treat.


Our feline friends have quite a curious relationship with this curious plant, which is a member of the mint family. Kitties’ cute noses actually have scent receptacles which catnip molecules fir purrfectly fit. Indulge your furball with some fresh catnip! (Don’t worry, Fluffy can’t overdose or get addicted.)


Kitties are for some reason collectively exhausted. You may not think that being adorable is that hard, but Fluffy needs at least 16 hours of sleep a day. Unsurprisingly, beds are at the top of most of our feline patients’ wish lists.


Have you ever wondered what a kitty paradise would look like? We’re guessing there would be catnip gardens, stocked fishponds, lots of ramps and trees, and, of course, boxes. Lots and lots of boxes. Bring your furry little pal a new box to conquer! 


Cats love finding warm napping spots. Of course, that’s not very difficult here in the Sunshine State. While Fluffy may seek out cooler napping spots on those sweltering summer days, you may often find her sprawled out in the sun in milder weather.


Love is that special ingredient in any good cat care regime. Pay lots of attention to Fluffy, and make sure she feels loved and safe. Conversation, cuddles, and playtime can all help with this. And while you should never force attention on a kitty, if your cute pet enjoys being held and/or petted, indulge her with this as well. Purrs really are precious! 

Please contact us with questions about your cat’s health or care. As your pet Coral Springs, FL hospital, we’re here for you!

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