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Introducing 2 Cats

September 1, 2020

Have you recently decided to adopt a second kitty? We’re always thrilled to see cats going to great forever homes! Your resident furball may not be quite as enthusiastic about the matter as we are, however. A local Parkland, FL vet offers some tips on introducing Fluffy and Gizmo below. 

S  tarting Out

When you bring your new cat home, put her in a quiet back room at first, with kitty essentials like food, water, bedding, toys, and a litterbox. It won’t take your resident furball long to realize that there’s another feline in the house. She’ll probably spend a lot of time sniffing around the door. Give your pets a few days to play pawsies and get to know each other’s scents. When they seem more curious than defensive, you can introduce them.

First Impressions

When it’s time to let your furry pals meet, take Gizmo out into the living room in her carrier. Give both kitties treats, and let them size each other up. Once your cats have gotten somewhat used to each other, let Gizmo out of her cage. You may see a bit of hissing and posturing at this stage. This is normal. If your pets actually fight, separate them for a while, and try again later.

Pawsitive Impressions

You want your furry friends to form good impressions about one another. This is very important! But how do you do that? Make them both realize that good things happen when they’re together. Dual play sessions can help a lot here. You’ll also want to give your pets toys, treats, and catnip together. Just be careful to pay equal attention to both of your furballs. Otherwise, you’ll be stoking the fires of kitty jealousy! Also, make sure that your feline buddies don’t have to compete for essential resources like water, litterboxes, and comfy beds. 


Cats can be quite territorial, and may not be happy to realize that they suddenly have to share their humans. However, some kitties do form very close bonds with their feline roommates. In other cases, they may just learn to tolerate each other. Be patient, and don’t expect your pets to bond overnight. Most cats do learn to live together, even if they never become bffs. 

Please contact us for all of your kitties’ veterinary care needs. As your local Coral Springs, FL pet clinic, we’re always happy to help! 

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