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Fluffy’s Holiday Wish List

December 1, 2020

The holidays are upon us! While some events will be cancelled or scaled back this year, there will still be plenty of smaller gatherings. And some traditions, such as gift-giving, will go on regardless. As you wrap up (or begin) your shopping, A Coral Springs, FL vet lists some of the things Fluffy is hoping for below.

Kitty Furniture

Fluffy has a pretty easy life. She spends her days moving from spot to spot for her 37 daily naps, 14 meals, and 10 meditation sessions. While your furry little diva will somehow manage to make do by borrowing your things, she’ll be thrilled to find a cat tower, pet tent, or kitty tipi under the tree.


Kitties are full of cute quirks, but one of their most adorable ones is their love of catnip. Get Fluffy some catnip toys to play with. This makes for some adorable holiday photos!


Playing is of course fun for cats, but it’s also beneficial for them, both mentally and physically. However, Fluffy will get bored with her toys after a while, and will appreciate some new ones. You can go with classic options, like a catnip mouse. Or, get your furball a fun new plaything, like a remote-controlled mouse or mechanical fish.


Fluffy may be pickier than Fido, but she still enjoys a snack. Treat your cute pet to a can of plain tuna or some cooked, unseasoned boneless fish or chicken.

Window Seats

Although your kitty may enjoy frolicking in the yard and bringing you some ‘presents’ of her own, she’s better off inside, where she’s protected from things like cars, traffic, and wild animals. However, she will appreciate a comfy window seat with a good view.


Cats are very small and fragile, and they feel safe in enclosed spaces. Boxes, of course, make perfect little dens for these little furballs. Give Fluffy some empty boxes. Or, better yet, put an empty gift box or bag under the tree.


Kitties can be fussy, but they really don’t have expensive taste. One of the things that will make your kitty the happiest is to simply pay attention to her. Talk to her, pet her, and offer her lap space to curl up in. Purring cats are a perfect finishing touch to any holiday scene!

Happy Holidays from Heron Lakes Animal Hospital! Please contact us anytime!

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