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Holiday Gifts For Lazy Dogs

December 1, 2021

Our canine buddies all have their own individual characters. Some are active and friendly, and love to run and play. Others? Not so much. Many of our patients are fuzzy, adorable couch potatoes! If you have a lazy dog, read on! A Coral Springs, FL vet suggests some great holiday gifts for Fido below.


Fido may not be quite as tired as Fluffy, but he still does love his naps. Most dogs spend about half of their time sleeping. A comfy new bed would make a great gift for your canine pal. It doesn’t really matter if your pup already has one. It’s good to have choices!


Man’s Best Friend can walk safely on a treadmill, though you will need to train him. Just put safety first: supervise Fido’s workouts carefully, and always remove his collar before putting him on the machine.

Dog Walker

Does Fido stay home alone while you’re at work? Consider hiring a dogwalker or petsitter to take him out during the day. Even a little extra exercise can help keep your canine friend in shape.

Rolling Luggage

This one is really for small dogs. Why not get something you can wheel your furry friend around in? Many of these products generally resemble carry-on suitcases, but have mesh ‘windows’ for ‘passengers’ to see out.

Nail Clippers

Overgrown nails are just as uncomfortable for dogs as they are for us. If Fido’s claws are too long, he’ll have trouble getting traction. He may also adjust his weight or stride to cope with the discomfort, which isn’t great for his bones. If you have trouble cutting your pup’s nails, consider getting some clippers with sensors attached. 

Puzzle Toys

Even the laziest pooch will still benefit from mental stimulation. Puzzle toys are great for this! Look for playthings that will challenge your furry pal’s mind.


Dogs often enjoy a good massage just as much as people do. Treat your furry couch potato to a session with a pet masseuse. This can relax your four-legged friend, and help with stiffness and muscle soreness.

Pet Ramps

Large and/or lazy dogs sometimes have trouble jumping and climbing in and out of cars, or off and on beds. Consider getting Fido some pet stairs.

Happy Holidays! Do you have questions about your lazy dog’s care needs? Contact us, your local Coral Springs, FL pet hospital!

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