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Holiday Kitty Shenanigans

December 15, 2021

Season’s Greetings! Over the next few weeks, many people will be enjoying their favorite traditional celebrations and activities with their loved ones. Our feline patients have a few things on their calendars as well. It’s probably safe to say that your kitty’s ‘mischief’ setting will be dialed up to 11 this month. A Coral Springs, FL vet discusses some of Fluffy’s favorite holiday traditions below.


Christmas trees definitely bring out our feline buddies’ inner kittens. To Fluffy, the tree is basically a giant kitty jungle gym hung with enticing toys. We know, watching cats batting at ornaments is pretty cute. However, that tree can be dangerous. Sharp and/or small objects, such as pine needles, ornament hooks, and fragile decorations, are all hazardous to playful pets. You’ll also need to be careful with ropes, strings, wires, or cords, such as lights, ribbons, and garlands, as these can choke or entangle your furry buddy.


Fluffy definitely deserves a stocking of her own. Toys are, of course, the quintessential kitty gift. You can’t go wrong with classic cat presents, such as catnip mice, little balls, or wand toys. You can also go with a more modern plaything, such as a remote-controlled mouse. (Then again, your furball may completely ignore the things you bought her, and play with some crumpled-up wrapping paper instead. That’s just purr for the course with cats.)

General Zoomies

Our feline friends have an odd but adorable tendency to go from ‘park’ to ‘mach 4’ in a split second, and for no apparent reason. Indulge Fluffy’s frisky side! Take time to play with your cat every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Every holiday scene needs a playful, happy kitty.


Have you ever tried putting anything into a box or gift bag with a kitty supervising? Easier said than done! Fluffy’s box obsession is pretty adorable. Give your furball some empty ones to conquer.

Napping Spots

Cats often like to find out-of-the way spots, such as areas beneath sofas or behind bookcases, to nap in. Having guests? Don’t be surprised if you find Fluffy curled up on their coats or suitcases. Our feline companions also like to snooze beneath the tree. That makes purrfect sense: after all, kitties are precious gifts!

Happy Holidays from Heron Lakes Animal Hospital, your Coral Springs, FL pet hospital! Feel free to contact us anytime!

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