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Super Bowl ‘Spot’light: Remembering Spuds Mackenzie

February 1, 2022

Are you a football fan? If so, you’re probably looking forward to the Super Bowl. Your canine buddy, of course, would probably be interested in the Puppy Bowl, which is coming back for its 18th year. Of course, we can’t really discuss the Super Bowl and dogs without tipping our hats to the most iconic pup in football: Spuds Mackenzie! A Coral Springs, FL vet looks back on the life of this doggy superstar below.

Humble Beginnings

Here’s something you may not know: Spuds was actually a girl. The pup’s real name was Honey Tree Evil Eye, but her owners called her Evie. Spuds didn’t plan to get into show business. The Bull Terrier was spotted at a dog show in Chicago by an agent who was interested in running a dog-based campaign. The pooch made his debut at Super Bowl XXI, way back in 1987. The rest is pop culture history.

A Star Is Born

Spuds rode a wave of cuteness and comedy to doggy stardom. Part of the genius behind the Bud Light spokesdog’s marketing campaign was that the iconic pup was always referred to as human. Then there were the Spudettes, a team of models and actresses that accompanied the doggy star everywhere. (Fun fact: the Spudettes were reportedly the inspiration for Sir Mix-a-Lot’s Baby Got Back.)


Like any other celebrity, Spuds had to contend with rumors and gossip. The puparazzi spread plenty of rumors of the pooch’s untimely death, reporting that he had died surfing, in a limo crash, in a hot tub, and/or in a plane crash. Another tale claimed that Spuds died of electrocution while soaking in a hot tub with the Spudettes. Fortunately, none of these were true. The beloved canine lived a full life, and passed of kidney failure in 1993.

Pop Culture Appearance

In addition to appearing in numerous commercials and marketing campaigns, Spuds and Spuds-inspired references have popped up in many different places over the years. There’s party worm Slurms MacKenzie from Futurama, and Suds McDuff from The Simpsons. Spuds was also named in Tone Loc’s Funky Cold Medina, while a Spuds billboard appeared on The Golden Girls. Spuds was even ‘resurrected’ as a ghost in a 2017 commercial version of A Christmas Carol.

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