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Dog Care Hacks

January 15, 2022

Fido has certainly earned the title of Man’s Best Friend. He’s loyal, lovable, protective, cute, and lots of fun. However, caring for your pup does require quite a bit of work. We can help! Read on for some dog care hacks from a local Coral Springs, FL veterinarian.

Make A Cooling Vest

Summers can get pretty brutal around here. One quick way to help keep your four-legged friend cool is to pour water on a bandana and then tie it around his neck. The process of the water evaporating will help release extra heat. Of course, you’ll also need to make sure Fido always has plenty of water and access to cool, shady areas.

Doggy Bed

Has your child outgrown their crib mattress? If it’s still in good shape, put a small sheet on it and give it to Fido.

Soothing The Savage Beast

Is your pooch always on a ’10’ when it comes to energy levels? Play some music for him. Classical music actually has been shown to soothe and calm our canine buddies.

Paw Wipe

When it’s wet or muddy out, put a thick bath mat outside the door you and Fido walk through. The mat will help dry and clean his paws off, so he doesn’t track mud inside.

Leash It Up

Have you ever been walking your furry best friend, and found yourself trying to do or carry too many things? Attach a carabiner or even an extra leash to the end of Fido’s leash. That way, you can easily clip him to something if you need to. Just don’t leave your pooch unattended!

Bathtime Hack

Does your four-legged buddy run and hide when he thinks he’s getting a bath? Call Fido into the bathroom, and have him jump into the tub. Then, give him something yummy, like a piece of steak, and just let him go. If you keep doing this, you may find your pup suddenly becoming much more accepting of bathtime.

Pet Fur

Does your canine companion leave hair all over your carpets and upholstery? Use a rubber dish glove to remove it. A squeegee or damp sponge will also work well. We also recommend taking Fido outdoors to brush him, so the fur just blows away. 

Do you have questions or concerns about your furry buddy’s health or care? Contact us, your local Coral Springs, FL animal clinic, today!

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