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Reasons To Love Odie

August 1, 2022

Did you know that August 8th is Odie Day? Odie may play second fiddle to Garfield, the animated, lasagna loving celebrekitty, but he’s actually pretty famous in his own right, and with good reason. It’s hard to picture the iconic, sarcastic Flabby Tabby without his best frenemy, Odie. A Coral Springs, FL vet lists some reasons to celebrate the cheerful, drooling comic strip dog below. 

He’s Garfield’s BFF

Odie and Garfield have certainly had their ups and downs. Odie actually seems to enjoy pranking Garfield: he loves to tease him about his age, and isn’t above setting him up to fall from trees or get run over by football-playing bulldogs. However, they are apparently much more fond of each other than either wants to admit. In fact, the Monday-hating feline has referred to Odie as being ‘true blue,’ which probably earned him a wet, slobbery lick. (Garfield has also referred to him by less affectionate terms, including ‘purebred clown’, but that’s another topic.) 

He’s Smarter Than You Think

Odie is often portrayed as being, well, a few fleas short of a circus. However, some strips hint at his being more intellectual than he lets on. In one strip, he read one of Garfield’s thought bubbles. He’s also been spotted reading Tolstoy, listening to classical music, and setting elaborate traps. 

He Keeps Learning

Over time, Odie has learned quite a few tricks. Many of them work to Garfield’s advantage, but this is still worth honoring! (He also once accidentally opened an interdimensional portal, but that’s beside the point.)


He’s Always Cheerful

Garfield is rarely enthusiastic about things, except of course, lasagna. Odie, however, is eternally cheerful, just like many real dogs. No matter how many times he gets pushed off the table, locked outside, or tricked into giving up his supper, he remains the same lovable, eternally happy goofball as ever. (Note: you should never do these things to your dog, as they are only safe for animated pups.) 

Dogs Make Everything Better

If you think about it, Garfield just wouldn’t be the same without Odie. Our canine pals just have a special way of making us smile with their enthusiasm, love, devotion, and tail wags. Life really is better with dogs!

Is your dog drooling too much? Are you having trouble keeping your orange cat’s weight in check? Contact us, your Coral Springs, FL animal clinic! 

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