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Tips For Boarding Your Dog

September 1, 2022

Tips For Boarding Your Dog

Are you going to be going out of town soon? If so, you may need to make arrangements for someone to care for your canine companion. While Fido would like to go everywhere with you, that just isn’t always possible. A local Coral Springs, FL vet offers some tips for boarding your furry pal in this article.

Choose The Kennel Carefully

You don’t want to entrust just anyone with your pup’s care! Ask your friends, family, co-workers, and veterinarian for references. Chances are, someone will have a great recommendation. Reading reviews about Fido’s potential kennel can also be very helpful. If possible, check the kennel out in person, so you can get a feel for it.

Try A Trial Run

Before you head out of town on a long trip, try bringing Fido to the kennel just for the night. A dry run will give your pooch a chance to become familiar with his home away from home. That will make it easier for you both down the road.

Provide Necessary Info

Any good kennel will require some basic information from their clients. You should be expected to provide records proving that Fido is current on his parasite control and vaccinations, including parvovirus and Bordetella. You’ll also want to make the kennel aware of any medical issues, quirks, or phobias your pooch has. For instance, if your pup is terrified of thunderstorms, that would be important to note. Be honest with this information! If your four-legged friend is reactive on-leash, it’s much better for his caretakers to know this in advance. Finally, provide contact information, a backup contact, and, if you’ll be traveling a lot, an itinerary.

Get Specific Information

It’s also important for you to ask some questions. Make sure that you are clear on the kennel’s hours and procedures for drop-off and pickup. Also, find out what you should pack for your canine buddy. Some places prefer to use their own bedding, toys, and dishes, while others allow you to bring your own. (Tip: if packing food, treats, or medicine, include a few days’ extra.)

Don’t Drag Out Goodbyes

It’s never easy leaving your furry best friend behind. However, don’t drag out the goodbyes too long. That will just make it harder for you both!

Is your furry friend due for an exam? Contact us, your local Coral Springs, FL animal clinic, anytime!

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