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Ways To Help Feral Cats

October 15, 2022

Tomorrow, October 16th, is Feral Cat Day. There are as many as 70 million feral cats here in the US alone. We definitely have plenty here in Florida. While cats are fairly self-sufficient, living wild is a very hard life. Feral cats are often afflicted with illness and disease, and have much shorter life expectancies than pet kitties do. While nobody can save all feral cats, there are ways to help. A Coral Springs, FL vet lists some of them below.


Getting your own feline friend fixed may not directly affect feral cats, but it definitely will contribute to the greater good of better animal welfare. A single pair of kitties can have 11, 606, 077 descendants in just 9 years! By getting Fluffy fixed, you’re ensuring that she won’t add more kittens to those numbers.

Support Local Charities

There are many organizations out there trying to help feral cats. Some take in feral kittens, socialize them, and find them homes. Others focus on trap/neuter/release programs. As the name suggests, these organizations trap and fix feral cats, and then return them to the wild. Supporting these organizations is a great way to help!

Provide Necessities

If there are feral cats in your area, you can set out food and water for them. However, while we always urge erring on the side of kindness, there are a few potential issues here. Leaving out too much food and water could attract vermin to your place. You could also up with a clowder on your hands. Check legal ordinances and HOA restrictions, and ask your vet or local shelter for advice. Another option is to set out kitty shelters, particularly in cool weather. You can also make these out of storage totes.

Adopt A Barn Cat

Do you have a barn, farm, or even a shed? You may be able to provide a home for a feral cat. Fluffy is a great mouser, and may be happy to work for her keep. You’ll need to provide food, shelter, and basic veterinary care, but you’ll also have the cutest exterminator on the block!

Spread The Word

When it comes to helping animals, sometimes raising awareness can make a huge change. Spread the word on social media!

 Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Contact us, your Coral Springs, FL pet hospital, today!

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