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7 Signs Your Cat Is Trying To Kill You

February 15, 2023

Did you know that our feline friends are actually adorable little serial killers? Fluffy kills billions of small animals every year. As it turns out, she also shares 95 percent of her DNA with tigers, which are one of the planet’s most efficient predators. Although kitties tend to be quite cuddly, they sometimes do things that make us wonder about their motives. A Coral Springs, FL vet lists some warning signs that your cute pet may have murderous intentions below.

The Leg Rub

It’s always cute when Fluffy rubs against her humans’ legs … except if she does it when we are cooking or holding something that could be dangerous. Is this just an adorable request for food or attention? Or does your kitty have something more sinister in mind?

The Attack

Out of all the animals that we’ve domesticated, our feline pals are the only ones who think it’s purrfectly acceptable to bite and scratch us for fun. Fluffy’s claws are too small to cause major damage, but that’s not for lack of trying. Those tiny paw daggers hurt!

The Weave

Does your furry friend sometimes weave back and forth in front of you as you’re walking? Fluffy may very well be trying to trip you!


Our feline overlords like to cuddle up with their humans at night. However sometimes they sleep on top of their owners. More than one of you have probably moved a sleeping cat off your chest in the middle of the night. Is Fluffy trying to smother you? We may never know.

Computer Hacking

Have you ever found your kitty snoozing on your laptop? This may seem innocent at first, but it’s possible that your furry buddy is trying to use the internet to hire an assassin, or circumvent your life or livelihood somehow.

Trips And Slips

One of the many curious quirks cats have is their habit of smacking things off tables and counters. Is Fluffy hoping that you’ll trip over these things and fall? It’s entirely pawsible!

Terror Tactics

Fluffy’s hunting abilities were a large part of why we domesticated her in the first place. However, she never stopped honing her murder skills. She clearly demonstrates this by bringning her humans dead ‘gifts.’

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