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Playing With Your Cat

March 1 2023

Is your feline buddy quite frisky and playful? Cats are super cute, but one of the reasons they are so much fun is the fact that they are so playful. As it turns out, indulging your kitty’s silly streak is good for her both mentally and physically. A Coral Springs, FL vet offers some tips on playing with Fluffy in this article.


You may have noticed that cats are, well, rather lazy. Fluffy can sleep up to 20 hours a day, though she usually gets by on a mere 14 or so. However, just like people, these drowsy balls of fur do need regular exercise to stay healthy. That physical activity isn’t the only benefit of kitty playtime, however. Timing those pounces requires concentration and planning. Focusing on those is great for your pet’s mind! Playing is also good for bonding.

Scheduling Playtime

Kitties tend to feel most comfortable on set routines. You may notice Fluffy sticking to a pretty set schedule for her meals, grooming sessions, and, of course, those 43 daily naps. Try to play with your tiny lion at roughly the same time every night. After dinner is a good bet! 

Rough Play

Kitties are natural hunters, and they sometimes want to use their humans to practice on. This is cute, but it’s also bad behavior. However, if your pint-sized panther attacks you playfully, don’t punish her for it. That may just scare her! If she bites or scratches you, blow in her face or tell her ‘No’ in a firm tone of voice. You can also say ‘Don’t bite’ or ‘Play nice.’ Just use the same phrasing each time. Then, ignore your frisky feline until she’s ready to behave. She’ll get the hint sooner or later.


Fluffy should have some toys she can use by herself. However, she’ll probably enjoy interactive play the most.  Kitties all have their own preferences, so pay attention to what your feline pal likes best. Some furballs like wand toys, while others prefer laser pointers. Of course, there are also cats that would just rather play with a bottlecap or a pen. As the old saying says, there’s no accounting for taste! Just be sure to only offer safe items.

Please contact us with questions or concerns about your furry buddy’s health or care. As your Coral Springs, FL animal clinic, we’re here to help!

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