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Bulldog Care Tips

April 15, 2023

Bulldogs Are Beautiful Day is April 21st! As you may have noticed, we’re pretty fond of these lovable pooches. Bulldogs have both unique personalities and unique care needs. They often need extra TLC in hot weather, which we definitely have a lot of in these parts. A local Coral Springs, FL vet offers some advice on caring for Fido in summer.

Climate Control

Keep your canine buddy safe and sound indoors, in rooms cooled by climate control. If you let your pooch out, make sure he always has access to cool, shady areas. A doghouse isn’t necessarily going to be the best refuge: poorly insulated ones can actually be hotter than the outdoors. Fido may enjoy a cooling pad or a cooling mat. You can also point a fan at his bed. (Just make sure he can’t knock it onto himself.)

Water, Water, Water

This one actually applies to all of our canine companions. However, it’s particularly crucial with bulldogs, as they’re particularly susceptible to the heat. Make sure Fido always has cool water. Drop some ice cubes into his bowl on scorching days.

Frozen Snacks

Many of us love to cool down on hot days by enjoying a frozen snack. This applies to Fido, too! You don’t want to offer him anything too caloric, though. Frozen broth cubes are a good bet. Doggy ice cream will also get that tail going.


Although many of our canine pals love swimming, it isn’t really suitable for bulldogs. Because of short nasal passages, they can get into trouble quickly in water that’s choppy and/or more than chest-deep. However, Fido may enjoy splashing in a wading pool. You can also take him for walks on the beach, but don’t go when it’s really hot out. Pay attention to the terrain, so your pup doesn’t burn or cut his paws.


Many bulldogs have adorable wrinkled faces. However, little face folds can create warm, moist environments that are perfect havens for germs and infections. You may need to clean Fido’s face folds with antibacterial pet wipes. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Know The Health Risks

Bulldogs are prone to some specific issues. Respiratory problems are very common in them, as they are with other brachys. Ask your vet for more information.

As your Coral Springs, FL pet clinic, we are dedicated to providing great care. Contact us anytime! 

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