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Spotlight On Bulldogs

February 15, 2022

Do you have a bulldog? Are you considering adopting one? While we of course love all of our canine patients, these loyal, lovable pups are quite special to us. A Coral Springs, FL vet lists some fun facts about bulldogs below.


The bulldog was originally bred for some specific purposes: driving cattle and also bull baiting, a sport we’re happy to report has long been outlawed. However, the modern bulldog would actually have a very hard time performing these tasks. The modern bulldog’s muzzle is now much too short to have much of a grip. There’s also the fact that Fido has become, well, kind of a couch potato.


Bulldogs have an affinity for skateboarding, of all things. The most famous skater pup is probably a pooch named Otto, who made it to the Guinness Book Of World Records back in 2015 by skateboarding under the legs of 30 people. However, we can’t forget about other skating pooches, such as Tillman and Tyson. In case you were wondering why Bulldogs tend to excel at skating, it’s likely because they are so sturdy, and have a low center of gravity.


As you may have noticed, bulldogs are pretty popular mascots. They’ve been picked as the symbols for many teams and organizations, including the U.S. Marine Corps. During World Wars I and II, they were also used heavily in promotional materials in Britain as symbols of courage. Winston Churchill was also a big fan.


Churchill wasn’t the only world leader to pick Fido as his canine companion. Two American presidents, Calvin Coolige and Warren Harding, also had bulldogs. Many celebrities have also had these lovable pups as pets. That list includes Pink, Brad Pitt, Michael Phelps, David Beckham, Adam Sandler, and Ozzy Osbourne.


Many bulldogs are brachycephalic, which means that they have short nasal passages. This is very important, because they can lose their breath very easily. Because of this, bulldogs have some very specific care requirements. For instance, they should not be encouraged to run or swim, because they can quickly overexert themselves. In fact, these concerns recently prompted legislation restricting bulldog breeding in Norway. However, Fido can still live a happy, healthy life: you just need to tailor his care regimen. Ask your vet for recommendations.


Do you have questions about Bulldog care? Contact us, your Coral Springs, FL animal clinic!

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