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Tips for Adopting a Shelter Cat

June 1, 2021

June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! We’re more than happy to help share the word about this important cause. There are just far too many cute, sweet kitties in shelters, who just want someone to love them and care for them. Here, a local Coral Springs, FL vet discusses adopting Fluffy.

Consider Other Pets

Be sure to keep your other pets in mind. If you have a dog that’s never been around cats before, you’ll need to proceed with caution, especially if Fido is a larger pooch. If you have a senior cat at home, a frisky kitten may be a bit too rambunctious for her. One solution for this situation? Get two kittens. The little ones can wrestle and play with each other while Fluffy naps and looks unimpressed.

Choose Wisely

It’s entirely possible that you’ll walk into a shelter and fall in love with a kitty right off the bat. Or, you might find Fluffy online, and immediately realize that she’s the right pet for you. However, picking the right feline isn’t always that easy. It can be difficult to choose just one cat from a room full of adorable furballs! Just keep an open heart and an open mind. Don’t automatically pass over the scared kitty in the corner, or the funny-looking one that’s missing an ear. Sometimes these ‘imperfect’ pets are the best companions.

Be Ready To Commit

Adopting an animal isn’t something that you should take lightly. Before signing those papers, make sure you’re committed to caring for Fluffy for the rest of her life. It’s really sad when cats get adopted, only to end up getting returned or rehomed.

Keep Kitty In

Our feline buddies always do best as indoor pets, where they’re safe from things like cars, gators, and weather. This is especially important with shelter cats. Fluffy won’t know where she is, and can get lost very quickly.

Give Fluffy Time

Cats tend to be creatures of habit. Major changes can be very stressful for them. Your feline buddy may need weeks—or even months—to adjust and feel safe in her new home. That’s purrfectly fine! Let Fluffy have the time she needs to settle in. Don’t force attention on your new pet. Just focus on giving her great care.

Have you recently adopted a shelter cat? Contact us, your Coral Springs, FL animal hospital, today!

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